Our Philosophy
At St. Ann School, we are committed to instill in each child both a love of
the Catholic faith and a love of learning. Daily religious instruction,
frequent prayer and participation in the planning for Eucharist liturgies all
contribute to the faith-filled atmosphere. Because our faith must be
shared to be authentic, students have frequent opportunities to put into
practice the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. With sensitivity to the
uniqueness of the individual, we encourage each child to fulfill his or her
potential in all areas of learning. The student is able to see his or her life
as a tapestry in which the strands of learning, faith, and service are not
separated, but integrated to produce a unique and beautiful whole.

Acceptance of a position at St. Ann School requires a commitment to the
education of the whole child. Dedication to Jesus Christ, commitment to
professional growth, and a strong sense of community are the marks of
our staff.  We recognize the developmental continuum of the educational
process and strive to build on already acquired skills and knowledge while
preparing for future learning. Students can see in our methods of
teaching and our handling of discipline both the gentleness and the
strength of Jesus.

Because parents are the primary educators of their children, the school is
committed to working with parents to encourage the development of each
child.  It is our hope that children view the school as an extension of the
faith life they experience at home, where their parents are the first models
of Gospel living. We support and assist parents by offering educational
information and presentations and by fostering regular and open
communication between home and school. Parents assist as volunteers,
making use of their abilities to contribute to the educational process.
800 W. 13th Street
Cadillac, MI 49601